Security & Fraud Protection

First PREMIER Bank

Protecting Your Interests

First PREMIER Bank is committed to keeping your information secure, whether you are
banking in person, online, by phone or paying by check or debit card.


Tips for Avoiding Fraud

Lost or stolen checks, ATM or debit cards. Unauthorized ATM or debit card purchases or withdrawals. Suspicious emails, text messages or phone calls are the most frequent types of fraud reported.

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Report Suspicious Activity

If you notice suspicious activity on your First PREMIER Bank account, or are contacted in a manner that seems suspicious, please call Customer Care immediately at (800) 501-6535.

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Online Shopping Safety

Don't fall victim to scammers pretending to be online sellers. Become a savvy shopper by learning how to protect your information and avoid fraud.

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Ways We Protect You

First PREMIER Bank takes proactive security measures to help reduce the risk of fraud-related activity on your accounts: 

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring blocks suspicious debit card transactions
  • Lock and unlock lost or stolen debit cards instantly
  • Zero Liability® Fraud Protection for debit card purchases
  • Multi-factor authentication helps validate identity at sign-in 
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Protecting Yourself

Incorporating a few practices can help keep your accounts safe.

More Helpful Information

Preventing Elder Fraud

Victims over the age of 60 reported nearly $2 billion in losses due to elder fraud last year. Learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Responding to Identity Theft

It can take over six months to recover from identity theft. Learn what to do if your personal information gets stolen or compromised.

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